I've signed a deal with 21 Pulp to do a 4 issue mini-series called Planet of the Dinosaurs. Written by James Patrick, it's a pulpy sci-fi romp with a healthy dash of horror. I'll be doing the pencils / inks / lettering with colours by Debby Gonzalez. It's coming out this year so stay tuned for sample art and ordering info. For many years I've wanted to do a graphic novel about Hannibal Barca and his epic war against Rome and I've teamed up with British historian Nikolas Lloyd to do just that. Things are underway and In Search of Hannibal should be released by the end of 2017. You can check out our Kickstarter below and pre-order your copy today!
Modo: Ember's End
ebook Dead Heaven: Book I
ebook Dead Heaven: Book II
I'm an artist / illustrator who grew up on a farm outside Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada. I've bounced around quite a bit and am now back living in Berlin, Germany. When not doing storyboards / concept art for film / tv / games I'm tackling my side projects, usually involving making / publishing comics. I can be contacted at: csteininger@posteo.de. I do not use social media, however, you can join my mailing list and I can keep you posted on what's coming down the pipe.